Software for industrial newspaper printing

We make print digital

Industrial printing requires extensive system integration and flexible automation. Since 2001, wobe-team GmbH has been providing software and services that help deliver high-quality print products every day on time, all over the world.

As software developers and system integrators, we attach great importance to the fact that our products can be embedded in both new and existing system landscapes in order to offer our customers the greatest possible value in digitalization.

Integrated workflow for plate production and quality assurance

Color-accurate soft proofs from Tiff data. Calibration and touch operation at the control desk.

Scheduled delivery and automatic quality control of printing templates at the printing plant.

Color conversion and adjustment for optimal processing and a perfect print result

Calculation and transfer of area coverage values to reduce waste during press proofing.

We are always approachable as a partner to our customers. No call center, no complicated ticket system.