wPortal - Secure data transfer for print jobs

wNewsNet-Portal facilitates the error-free delivery of print data matching the planned print jobs. Files are correctly marked and quality guidelines are automatically checked.

Communication and collaboration between the printing plant and print customers is simplified. This prevents errors and simplifies job processing.

Catalog-based planning of print products

Printing plant customers plan their own products on a daily basis based on a catalog with production options. Control systems can take over the planning automatically.

Transfer print data

The wPortal enables print data to be transferred directly with the Internet browser. The PDF files are assigned to the current planning and automatically checked for quality. This prevents errors in production.

Check and approve print data after RIP

The rastered data for plate exposure from the wSoftproof server is displayed in the wPortal proof for visual quality control. The content is approved by the client.

Further functions

  • Planning the product structure of a newspaper
  • Catalog system to create templates for number of pages and books
  • Export of plans to external systems
  • Import of plans from external systems
  • Attachments 
  • Upload PDF files via web browser
  • Automatic splitting of multi-page PDFs into single-page PDFs
  • Preflight-function
  • Preview of the PDF page including preflight results
  • Automatic assignment of uploaded PDFs to planned pages
  • Manual assignment via drag&drop
  • Generation of unique identifiers for further processing of the data
  • Thumbnail overview of the pages
  • Full page preview of PDF pages and soft proofs
  • Display individual print forms
  • Preflight information in the PDF pages
  • Detailed information about pages and separations
  • Version control
  • Filter function
  • Approval of pages

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