wNewsNet Videos

(features described in the videos might be optional)

Manual production with the CONTROL-Client

  • PDF import and preflight check
  • RIP output
  • TIF import and page, plate check
  • output to imager

Imposition with the CONROL-Client's PairPlanner

  • creation of pair plan
  • automatic page assignement
  • manual page assignement
  • using plan templates

Editing or creating a sheet with the sheet editor

  • altering the sheet layout
  • replacing of pages
  • undoing the changes
  • creating new sheets

Automatic production by using input filters

  • configuring input filters for PDF and TIF
  • automatic output to the RIP if no preflight error occurred
  • automatic output to the imager
  • assigning output devices to input groups

Features of the softproof window

  • color softproof made from tif files
  • ink coverage warning and display of ink saving potential
  • measuring within the page
  • sending a message to other CONTROL-Clients

Message feature in the CONTROL-Client

  • writing and sending messages
  • adding a link to a page to a message
  • sending of emails
  • moving the message dockpanel to a different position in the CONTROL-Client

Customizing the CONTROL-Client's user interface

  • Showing, hiding, positioning of the dockpanels
  • set up for use with more than one display
  • saving the configuration
  • deleting of configurations that are not required anymore

Videos regarding using the CONTROL-Client as a sofproof station are available here PROOF-Server.