wNewsNet Screenshots

Production Overview in the CONTROL-Client

Tabular view
Thumbnail view

The wNewsNet CONTROL-Client is used to monitor and control the production. All operations are done here. The appearance of the client adapts to the tasks.


Softproof Functions

A page preview for detailed inspection can be opened either from the thumbnail view or the tabular view (a color accurate representation is optional; more details at PROOF-Server).

Page Preview
Ink Coverage
Raster View

Planning of the sheet assembly in the client

Planning of sheet assembly
Thumbnail view of sheets

wNewsNet can create sheets from PDF or TIFF files. The page assignment can be planned in the CONTROL-Clients "Pair-Planner". To do so the CONTROL-Client must simply be switched to Planning-Mode.

Editor for modifying or creating sheets

Sheet Editor

wNewsNet allows to modify existing sheets and to create new sheets manually.

Automatic Production with Press View

Client with press view

By importing external plan data from press control systems, the production can be automated. Required plates, remaining plates on the press, the position of plates on the press, the required number of copies, all this and more, can be determined using the optional SYSTEM-Automation. Plates can be produced automatically, based on the plan and scheduled production time. Manual operation for the output of plates is not required. To avoid errors, wNewsNet writes the plates position on the press into the non printable area. The position can be displayed as text, graphic or barcode.

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individual client layouts

Individual Client-Layout
Client as Softproof workstation

The individual elements of the client GUI can be adjusted as needed. You can resize, position or show and hide them. Changes can be saved as a new "client-layout".

Dual monitors are also supported. Thus, for example the softproof page can be displayed on a second monitor in portrait mode.