wNewsNet PLAN-Link


PLAN-Link is used for data exchange with external systems. Thus, the information about scheduled productions, press configrations and planned plates is available in wNewsNet. wNewsNet displays the information about planned productions in the CONTROL-Client. The operator is informed about planned pages and pages already received. Moreover, wNewsNet can label the plates with information about printing tower, cylinder and field, in order to inform the printing staff about the location of the plate on the press. The information can also be used to draw a barcode on the plate to support an automatic plate conveyor system.

Core Functions

The scope of functions is project specific depending on type and scope of the external system integration.

  • User information and interaction
    • Press view in the CONTROL-Clients: The Press view reflects the structure of the press consisting of towers, folders, cylinders and fields
    • Display of scheduled pages and plates in the CONTROL-Client
    • Function to draw the information about tower, cylinder and field as text and barcode for the automatic plate transport into the non printable area of the plate

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System Interfaces


  • EAE Print


  • manroland Pecom

  • Honeywell Printa

  • others on request