wNewsNet SYSTEM-Automation


SYSTEM-Automation automatizes the production. Through data exchange with external systems, the information about planned productions are available for wNewsNet.  With this information wNewsNet can perform a fully automated production. Depending on the available information from the external systems it is possible to accomplish the sheet assembly without manual intervention or to start the plate imaging automatically with enough  time before the press run starts. The decision which plate should be exposed in which batch happens automatically, based on the production schedules provided by the press control systems. It is possible to label the plates with tower, cylinder and field as human readable text and an appropriate barcode for the automatic plate transport. However, the user retains control. If required, he can intervene into the automatic production.

Core Functions

The scope of functions is project specific depending on type and scope of the external system integration.

  • Automatic Production
    • Automatic page pairing depending on the scheduled printing production
    • Automatic plate imaging depending on the scheduled starts of the press runs
    • Automatic decision of how many copies of a plate have to be exposed
    • Automatic interpretation of run through or changing pages to decide whether a plate must be produced or not
    • Automatic output of new page versions
    • Function to pause, stop and restart the automatic output of plates
    • Function to remake a whole set of plates for a specific production
    • Function to easily remake a single plate (e.g. for replacing a ruptured plate)
    • Function to exclude single pages from the automatic output

  • User information and interaction
    • Press view in the CONTROL-Client: The presentation reflects the structure of a production on the printing machine with folder, towers, cylinders and fields. The production data is presented according to the position of the printing plates on the cylinders.
    • Display of scheduled print productions (including pages and plates) in the CONTROL-Clients
    • Deadline warning: If the plate production can not be completed until the planned press start, the operator will get a warning. The calculation is based on the speed of the imagesetters and CTPs.
    • Function to assign a production to a CTP group. The number of active CTPs for the production can be changed. The deadline warning will be updated automatically.
    • Function to expose pages or separations manually during the automatic production at all times.

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System Interfaces


  • EAE Print


  • manroland Pecom

  • Honeywell Printa

  • others on request