wNewsNet PLATE-Track


PLATE-Track extends the plate status displayed in the CONTROL-Client with information received from imagesetters, CTP or punch- and bending machines. PLATE-Track adds an identification barcode to the non printable area of the plate, which can be read by plate bending or sorting machines. If feedbacks of these systems include the barcode data and a processing status, the reported status will be shown in the CONTROL-Client. Thus, the staff is not only informed about a successful exposing, but also that a plate has been bent successfully or that a plate has been transferred from the sorter to the press.

In addition, the barcode can also include data regarding the plate name (product, issue, page, color). Depending on this information transport systems determine the destination of the plate. When using the options PLAN-Link or SYSTEM-Automation the barcode can also contain information about the field on a print cylinder, whereby a safe delivery to the indended position on the printing press is possible.


  • Generation of barcodes with plateID and plate name on the plate image

  • Optional: Support of 2D / data matrix barcodes

  • Reading status messages of plate benders or sorters, and displaying the reported status in the CONTROL-Client