wNewsNet INK-Preset


INK-Preset calculates ink coverage values and sends the results to the press control system. INK-Preset processes TIFF-G4 bitmaps and CIP3 files. A conversion of TIFF G4 to CIP3 files is also possible.

Core Functions

  • Functions
    • Calculation of ink coverage values from TIFF files according to the machines zone geometry
    • Calculation of ink coverage values from TIFF files based on millimeter ink zones
    • Calculation of ink coverage values from the preview image of a CIP3 file
    • Conversion of a received TIFF file into a CIP3 file
  • Data Formats(*)
    • Bilevel TIFF CCITT Group4
    • Bilevel TIFF LZW compressed
    • CIP3 (according to CIP3 specification version 3.0, with uncompressed ASCII hex or binary coded image data)
  • Output Formats(*)
    • PRIME
    • EAE Print
    • ABB MPS
    • manroland Pecom
    • Honeywell Printa

(*) Other formats on request

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INK-Preset is available in two variants:

  • INK-Preset Server
    • This variant is the ‘stand alone‘ application. It can be added to existing production environments.

  • INK-Preset
    • This variant is the module to be integrated into the wNewsNet workflow system.