wNewsNet-Portal-Planner enables a user to plan the product structure via a web browser:

  • Planning of the newspaper structure (e.g. Issue date, product, edition, books, pages, color)
  • Catalogue system to define planning templates for number of pages and sections
  • Export of the planning data to third party systems (with optional wNewsNet-Portal-Plan-Export)
  • Import of planning data from third party systems
  • Attachment function that enables the user to attach files of his choice to a plan (e.g. if he wants to add a word document with additional information about the plan)


  • Integration of the customer into the planning process (early availability of planning)
  • Avoidance of multiple planning efforts as planning can be exchanged between wNewsNet-Portal, wNewsNet-Workflow and press control system
  • Central access point for additional job information due to attachment function
  • Print houses can plan newspaper structures independent of resources from the editorial