Sandy-P - screen dot for highest printing quality

The Sandy-P screen dot creates high quality screening improving printed products compared to conventional screen dots. Generating a wider number of printable tonal values through delayed dot closure prints are enhanced in the dark and shadowy areas. Furthermore higher screening frequency can be used to improve detail of images. Particularly skin areas benefit from Sandy-P's homogenous gradations, eliminating tonal value skips.
All of these advantages can be achieved by using Sandy-P without affecting printing process stability. No changes to plate setter or press setup are required. Existing equipment will not have to be replaced or retrofitted.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services which ease the successful introduction of the Sandy-P screen dot.

  • Calibration of film- and platesetter
  • Press calibration for the new screen dot
  • Supporting test productions

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  • Sandy-P FAQ


  • High quality screening for optimized print result
  • smoother color shades due to continuous tonal range
  • continuous tonal gradation, no skipped values
  • enhanced visibility of dark shades up to 98% gray
  • better details due to higher screen frequency
  • reduction of noise in the image (moiré) due to innovative „Propeller“ geometry
  • No need to change the image processing
  • Easy to achieve stable print (dot gain is consistent and predictable)
  • high number of printed copies possible (no micro dots are used, so no early grinding effect occurs)

All Harlequin kernel based RIPs supported.