PROOF-Server Screenshots

Thumbnailview of the PROOF-Client


The PROOF-Client displays available pages clearly arranged. In the left pane the data is structured in a tree view. The right pane displays the pages that belong to the selected tree node.

Proof view

For a detailed inspection pages are displayed as an enlarged view. PROOF server calculates color consistent softproof pages by using ICC profiles and RIP decalibration. In addition to the color display other views are available.

Color display
Color coverage
Ink saving potential

PROOF-TouchClient - Operation without a mouse

Thumbnails in TouchClient

With the PROOF-TouchClient the softproof workstation can be controlled by touching the display surface of the touch screen. Especially on press control desks, where mouse and keyboard are inconvenient, this is a better alternative.

The function for comparing the softproof reference with the actual print is also useful. A homogeneous color plane in the printed copy can be compared with the reference value of the softproof. The deviation between print and the reference value is shown graphically and in tabular form.

For the measurement an X-Rite iOne Pro is used.

Ink coverage warning
Comparision Print - Softproof

Check the color accuracy

A special feature of PROOF-Server is that the system can be verified by measurement. Not only the status of the monitor is checked, but the whole chain from the reception of the TIFF file to the display of the image.The result is presented as a report, as is common for contract hard proofs. For the validation deltaE76 or deltaE94 formulas can be used.

The measurement is started directly from the client. "Under the hood" the well established validation solution of the basICColor GmbH is working. This solution is often used in print for verifying hard proof systems. The integration of this third party solution into PROOF-Server follows the aim to provide a neutral result.

System validation start
Result short form
Result summary
Result details
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Color Comparison

For example, a color comparison measurement with PROOF-TouchClient, a second monitor for the page view, an X-Rite iOne and an Altona Visual print on paper type 5.