All Softproof functions are available in the PROOF-Clients. The information is also relevant for wNewsNet, if it is equipped with the optional Softproof-functions.



  • Operation of the PROOF-Client by mouse and keyboard 
  • Alternatively or in addition, it is possible to operate it through tapping on the display of the special TouchClient (for this function a touch-display is necessary)



  • Display of the production structure as a navigation tree (sorting sequence, e.g. date, title, output, page, separation)
  • Tabular presentation of detail information of pages and separations
  • Thumbnail view of pages
  • Display of all versions of a page
  • Search function: this function finds all pages, if the typed search term is included in the page name
  • Filter function: e.g. show only pages that have the status "approved"
  • Indication of newly received page versions
  • Display of historical information about pages and separations (e.g. when received, when and by whom approved)


  • Color-consistent full page preview
  • Display of exact size of the printed version is possible
  • Functions for zooming, rotating, mirroring, etc.
  • Separation preview
  • Display of the original TIFF file
  • Layout-control (help lines in the full page preview indicate the correct image positon the page should have)
  • Densitometer: CMYK-coverage-values and the total ink coverage of the area unter the mouse cursor will be displayed. If the total coverage exeeds the adjustable maximum value, the sum information becomes red as a warning
  • Color coverage overview: presentation of the entire page as a false-color image. Areas with high ink coverage will be marked in red warning color
  • Display of the lab values of a color
  • Information window with information about size and resolution of the original TIFF files

Color comparison measurement

PROOF-Server provides a function to compare the softproof reference color and the printed color. The result informs the print operator, if the print is within the allowed tolerances.

  • Comparison measurement of a printed color with the softproof reference color; no special color patches are required
  • Graphical display of the measurement results
  • The results will also be shown as numerical values (the deviation will be given according to the deltaE76 and deltaE94 formula)

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individual client layouts

Individual Client-Layout
Client as Softproof workstation

The individual elements of the client GUI can be adjusted as needed. You can resize, position or show and hide them. Changes can be saved as a new "client-layout".

Dual monitors are also supported. Thus, for example the softproof page can be displayed on a second monitor in portrait mode.