PROOF-Server core functions


PROOF-Server processes TIFF files. CCITT Group4 and LZW compressed bilevel TIFF-files with a resolution up to 2500 dpi are supported.

  • TIFF files will be received from network shares or local directories


color consistency

The calculation and display of pages is color consistent. ICC profiles are applied (V2- and V4-ICC profiles are supported).

  • RIP-Decalibration
    • Automatic linearization of RIP calibration curves. This makes sure that press and material calibrations will be removed from the TIFF files.
    • Possibility to store multiple decalibration curves. This provides color consistent softproofs for jobs generated with different RIP page setups and calibration curves (e.g. heatset and coldset).
    • Function for editing decalibration curves manually.

  • Multi-ICC-Workflow
    • Possibility to set up several ICC channels. Thereby, the softproof calculation can be customized for every product individually. For example, if two paper types with different colors will be printed, two ICC channels can be set up, to simulate the different paper white. The assignment of the production data to the ICC channel can be done via identification data in the file name, via input folders or via the TIFF files dimension. A combination of these parameters is also possible.

  • Paper-Simulation
    • Possibility to simulate the paper color
      (‘absolute rendering intend’).
    • Possibility to define an individual paper color for every ICC channel. This dynamically overwrites the whitepoint of the ICC profile.

  • L-Boost
    • With the integrated L-Boost (Luminance-Boost) function PROOF-Server provides a solution for the limitation of the display brightness. Through special adaption of the luminance in the ICC-workflow with simultaneous optimization of the display calibration the PROOF-Server reaches a higher use of the brightness of the display as in a conventional ICC-workflow.

  • Client ICC
    • Individual ICC profiles for every display.

Checking of the color accuracy

PROOF-Server provides a function to measure the color accuracy. The test can be done by the operator. External specialists are not needed. For this function the option baslCColor DisplayPro and the measuring device X-Rite i1 pro (Revision D) is required.

  • Checking the color accuracy of  the display
  • Function to recalibrate the display if it is not color consistent
  • Function to check the overall softproof system from file receipt to display

Color comparison measurement

PROOF-Server provides a function to compare the softproof reference color and the printed color. The result informs the print operator, if the print is within the allowed tolerances.

  • Comparison measurement of a printed color with the softproof reference color; no special color patches are required
  • Graphical display of the measurement results
  • The results will also be shown as numerical values (the deviation will be given according to the deltaE76 and deltaE94 formula)

Approval Workflow

The approval workflow makes it possible to approve or reject pages or sheets by the user. It is possible to configure individual release states (e.g. ‘rejected’, 'editorial approval’, "production approval"). If the optional module PROOF2WEB (page view in the webbrowser) will be used, the approval functions will also be available there.

  • approval of pages and sheets with the CONTROL-Client
  • approval of pages and sheets with the  PROOF2WEB-Client (optional)
  • Workflow chains can be configured to trigger production processes like RIP or imaging depending on page approval.


The archive function is used for the long term storage of production files. The files will be saved in the file system. PROOF-Server creates a folder structure, which corresponds to the production structure (e.g. date, title, edition, page).

  • Copies of TIFF files, which have been sent to PROOF-Server will be stored in the archive
  • Files from the archive can be copied into the PROOF-Server hotfolder again (e.g. if production data has been deleted by mistake).
  • The storage capacity is only limited to available disk space
  • Configurable scheduler, which deletes outdated files automatically


For the administration of the system a special ADMIN-Client is available. Multiple ADMIN-Clients can be installed on different workstations.

  • Configuration of the workflow
  • Configuration of the user rights for the PROOF-Clients
  • Configuration of the web users (PROOF2WEB option)
  • Integrated configuration backup: The workflow configuration can be exported via ADMIN-Clients as XML file. This file is a backup. After a software reinstallation, e.g. on a new hardware, the configuration can be restored by importing the XML file

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Operating systems

PROOF-Server runs on the following platforms

  • Windows Server 2003 R1/R2 32 bit

  • Windows Server 2008 R1 32 bit

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 32/64 bit

  • Windows 7 32/64 bit (home versions are not supported)

  • Windows XP Professional


PROOF-Server runs in VMware environments