Color-Consistent Softproof

You achieve an improvement of printing quality due to color consistent softproofs for the press operators. You avoid exposing faulty pages due to controlling the pages at an early stage in the editorial. You save on consumables for hardproofs.

  • PROOF-Server will be used for color-consistent softproofs of production pages on displays. PROOF-Server is applicable in all departments, which conduct a visual evaluation of pages related to color and content.

  • PROOF-Server is an alternative or a supplement to hardproof systems. The color reproduction is color consistent and is compliant to the ISO standard ISO12647-7:2007. Therefore, PROOF-Server fulfills the quality standard, which also applies to hardproof systems.

  • PROOF-Server is applicable in printing companies, which use ripped TIFF files for their production.

  • PROOF-Server is a client/server system. The pages will be shown at workplaces in the network. Softproof pages can be seen in all departments simultaneously. An advertisement department can check the pages, while at the same time a color master for the printing staff is available.

  • PROOF-Server can be enhanced with an optional webserver modul (PROOF2WEB), which offers the display of pages in web browsers. Hereby, local workplaces, external editorial offices or supplying customers can access the softproof workflow via intranet or internet connection (the web browser display is not color-consistent).

  • PROOF-Server supports integration with press control desks. Hereby the display of a softproof page can be linked to select the page at the press control console. The softproof page opens automatically without manual selection by the operator.

  • PROOF-Server workplaces can be equipped with a TouchClient. This allows the handling without mouse and keyboard, which in particular is convinient at the press control desk.

The information is also relevant for wNewsNet, if it is equipped with the optional softproof functions.


With a PROOF-TouchClient you can control the softproof workstation simply by touching the display with the tip of your finger. The functions are specifically designed for the use at press control consoles. Printing operators are supplied with convenient operation options without the need to invest in console integration. You can therefore use a colour consistent softproof system regardless of press console type and press control system.

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  • Avoids customer complaints thanks to color consistent template for the printing operator

  • Ensures quality of layout by checking the content of the pages at an early production stage

  • Reduces costs by avoiding exposure of faulty pages

  • Reduces costs on consumables for hardproof

  • Saves time by avoiding laborious hardproof handling

  • Saves time by making all softproof pages available to all workstations at any time

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