PDF-InkAdjust reduces ink consumtion through under color removal and ink coverage reduction. Moreover, the color adaption to specific printing conditions is possible. By this for example a PDF made for ISOnewspaper26 can be adapted to the needs of waterless offset printing.

Replacing color with black

PDF-InkAdjust uses GCR/UCR to adjust the color composition to achieve an ideal replacement of CMY with black. DeviceLink profiles are used for this purpose. The replacement of color with black stabilizes the grey axis, shortens the adjustment period and reduces waste. The appearence of the colors remains.

Avoid/Limit Overinking

PDF files often exceed the total ink coverage needed for the printing process. PDF-InkAdjust limits the ink coverage to the desired value (e.g. 240% for newspaper offset). There is less smearing, and the print dries quicker. Adjustment and set-up times are shorter and there is less waste.

The waterless offset process requires a limitation of ink coverage to avoid production problems and optimize quality. 

Color Space Conversion

PDF-InkAdjust adjusts color spaces in PDF files automatically to the desired color space for the printing process. RGB images are detected and optimally converted. Already in CMYK created objects can be customized for the particular printing process.

For example, PDF files that were created for a coldset press can be produced on a heatset press.


PDF InkAdjust is available in two variants:

  • PDF-InkAdjust Server
    This variant is the "standalone" application. It can be added to existing production environments.

  • PDF-InkAdjust
    This variant is fully integrated into the wNewsNet workflow system.

The functionality of both versions is identical.


  • Reduction of ink costs up to 25% thanks to the replacement of color ink and the reduction of total ink

  • Reduction of waste

  • Increase productivity due to shorter drying times and less "smearing"

  • Shorter adjustement and setup periods

  • No change of existing color management necessary

  • Stabilization of the gray axis


  • Preparation of individually optimised DeviceLink profiles for your production environment

  • Monitoring and evaluation of test prints

  • Examination of test data to determine possible ink saving capacity

  • Analysis and optimization of CTP and press calibration

  • RIP configuration advice

  • quality consulting

Our services are of course also possible, regardless of our products.