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wNewsNet is an integrated solution for managing digital production data in prepress. Available features cover your workflow from reception of PDF and/or TIFF files to quality control.

Extension modules to integrate with external systems like production planning, plate robots, punchbenders or ink presetting of various manufacturers are available.

wNewsNet enables the automation of plate production, data control and data processing.

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PROOF-Server provides a color accurate display of production data (TIF-Files) on a calibrated monitor. The system can be used anywhere where a quality assessment of pages is required. With the touch client the operation can be performed without mouse and keyboard. This function is specifically designed for press console consoles. An automatic page display is made possible by an interface between the console software and PROOF-Server.

Due to the possibility of integration with other systems PROOF-Server can be used e.g. to release pages for the production. Extendable with an optional browser interface for the release of pages in an internetbrowser PROOF-Server is the ideal tool for quality control and quality assurance.


Product description

wNewsNet-Portal is the customer collaboration solution within the wNewsNet system. As a fully web based application it enables printing companies to easily cooperate with their customers and remote editorial sites via the internet.

PDF-InkAdjust is used to adjust colors in PDF documents.

  • conversion of RGB to CMYK
  • ink saving
  • color space conversion to adapt to the printing process (e.g. ISO-Coated to ISO-Newspaper)
  • adaption of color composition e.g. for waterless printing

To name just a few examples of the various application possibilities of PDF-InkAdjust

Ink coverage values are calculated and transferred to press control systems by INK-Preset Server. It offers interfaces to various 3rd party systems and standard output formats as for instance CIP3 or CZD. Others can be easily added.

INK-Preset Server can operate on TIFF or CIP3 files as input data.

Conversion of TIF to CIP3 is also available.

  • Product Description
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All our products are offered with service and support. Additional consulting is available if requested.

As an interesting alternative to conventional screen dots we offer SandyP for optimizing printed product quality.

Darker image areas are enhanced in detail by a maximized number of gray levels available when using SandyP.