wobe team wins major contract from Fairfax Australia

The Global Partnership with Kodak opens wobe-team the Australian continent. The Fairfax media group has placed an order for the wNewsNet workflow for a total of eight print sites. In the first step wobe-team has taken the locations of North Richmond and Canberra in operation. Here, a team of the customer was trained in the implementation and application of the software, so that further sites can be installed by Fairfax employees themselves. The first four sites are already in full production. The remaining four sites are planned to go live till end of 2015.


The Times of India ordered additional workflows

As part of the global partnership with the Krause-Biagosch GmbH wobe-team got new orders for the delivery of pre-press workflows. The Times of India group will equipp two aditional sites with wobe-team's workflow solution. By this the long term cooperation with one of the biggest newspaper groups worldwide continues successfully.


E. Holterdorf GmbH & Co. KG has chosen wobe-team

E. Holterdorf GmbH & Co. KG in Oelde now produces its titles with a wobe-team workflow. As part of the global partnership with Kodak has wobe-team replaced the former workflow at the "Glocke". A complete pre-press system with integration of the already existing EAE Print solution was put into operation. Because wobe-team has many years of experience with the integration of EAE solutions, it was possible to read the legacy EAE data exchange format PIL. Even though PIL being an older data format, wobe-team was able to import printproductions planned in the press control system and use them to control production processes within its wNewsNet. After an initial test phase end of 2014 the system is offically in production since begin of 2015.


Nussbaum Medien takes wobe-team workflow into production

The Nussbaum Medien St. Leon-Rot GmbH & Co. KG has rolled out the workflow system wNewsNet from wobe-team.As partner of the general contractors Krause-Bigosch wobe-team implemented an automated workflow that integrates the KBA press control system PressNet. By combining those systems an automation of the production processes has been achieved.
The planning of printproducts takes place in the web based portal solution of wobe-team. These product plans are then tranferred to the PressNet of KBA where they are expanded by plate imposition information of the press. In the next step the now completed printproduction data is handed over the wobe-team workflow und used there to automatically control the plate output, An additional data exchange with the  Nela bend and sorting systems takes care that plates are only exposed if a plate station is free to receive them.
Beside the planning of the printproducts, wobe-team's portal solution is also used to upload the PDF files via the web and approve the pages by checking their softproof representation.
The workflow is in operation since begin of 2015.


Swiss Tamedia AG launches wNewsNet

During the past months the Tamedia AG has rolled out the workflow system wNewsNet from wobe-team. As partner of the prime contractor Fujifilm wobe-team realized an overall workflow with integration of the print sites Bern, Lausanne and Zurich. The requirements to consolidate the workflows and automation processes for all sites was fulfilled. Nevertheless each print site has an autonomy that allows it to fulfill the demands of job management and regional needs in an efficient and customer-oriented manner. The integration of press control systems from EAE and ABB, the CtP from Dotline and the bender / sorter from Nela is covered with wNewsNet. For data delivery from editorial and external customers a web based tool is used – wNewsNet Portal – at each site. It allows the upload of PDF files, to process them in the ISOnewspaper26v4 newspaper standard and to allow editorial and customers a page approval by Post-RIP softproof. The softproof data is also transferred to the wNewsNet softproof clients at the press consoles to support the printers on color adjustment. Potentials for efficient and on time plate output are performed by wNewsNet PLATE-Logistics. A data exchange between wNewsNet from wobe and PLATE-Logistics from Nela allows a job structured plate production.

The strategy of Tamedia not to use dedicated hardware for systems was achieved by installation of wNewsNet on the existing VMware infrastructure.


Great West Newspapers in production for one year with wobe-team workflow

Great West Newspapers (Canada, St. Albert) recently marked its first anniversary of production in its new printing plant. In the past year, more than 3000 different jobs were printed with a total circulation of over 75 million copies. The number of printed copies has almost doubled from GWN’s old plant. This was achieved without significant change in the number of staff. The basis for this success was stringent planning for the automated production GWN conceived for the new facility. Its partners (EAE, KBA and wobe-team) were asked to create a catalog-based workflow that, wherever possible, processes the jobs automatically. Wobe-team implemented a workflow based on PRIME planning data exported from the EAE Print system to automate the prepress operations. All actions from the automatic conversion from RGB to CMYK, the automatic reduction of the total ink coverage or the automatic conversion of data from coldset to heatset to automatic imposition and plate output, require almost no manual operation.

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