Swiss Tamedia AG launches wNewsNet

During the past months the Tamedia AG has rolled out the workflow system wNewsNet from wobe-team. As partner of the prime contractor Fujifilm wobe-team realized an overall workflow with integration of the print sites Bern, Lausanne and Zurich. The requirements to consolidate the workflows and automation processes for all sites was fulfilled. Nevertheless each print site has an autonomy that allows it to fulfill the demands of job management and regional needs in an efficient and customer-oriented manner. The integration of press control systems from EAE and ABB, the CtP from Dotline and the bender / sorter from Nela is covered with wNewsNet. For data delivery from editorial and external customers a web based tool is used – wNewsNet Portal – at each site. It allows the upload of PDF files, to process them in the ISOnewspaper26v4 newspaper standard and to allow editorial and customers a page approval by Post-RIP softproof. The softproof data is also transferred to the wNewsNet softproof clients at the press consoles to support the printers on color adjustment. Potentials for efficient and on time plate output are performed by wNewsNet PLATE-Logistics. A data exchange between wNewsNet from wobe and PLATE-Logistics from Nela allows a job structured plate production.

The strategy of Tamedia not to use dedicated hardware for systems was achieved by installation of wNewsNet on the existing VMware infrastructure.


Great West Newspapers in production for one year with wobe-team workflow

Great West Newspapers (Canada, St. Albert) recently marked its first anniversary of production in its new printing plant. In the past year, more than 3000 different jobs were printed with a total circulation of over 75 million copies. The number of printed copies has almost doubled from GWN’s old plant. This was achieved without significant change in the number of staff. The basis for this success was stringent planning for the automated production GWN conceived for the new facility. Its partners (EAE, KBA and wobe-team) were asked to create a catalog-based workflow that, wherever possible, processes the jobs automatically. Wobe-team implemented a workflow based on PRIME planning data exported from the EAE Print system to automate the prepress operations. All actions from the automatic conversion from RGB to CMYK, the automatic reduction of the total ink coverage or the automatic conversion of data from coldset to heatset to automatic imposition and plate output, require almost no manual operation.


wNewsNet in Luxembourg

Saint-Paul Luxembourg S.A., media company and publisher of the daily newspaper "Luxemburger Wort“ has chosen the wobe-team workflow. Since July 2014 its CTP plate production is controlled by wNewsNet. By integrating the workflow solution with the manroland PECOM press planning the company managed to utilize automation potentials. The continuous monitoring of the entire line from ripping to plate sorting allows the staff a good and safe overview over the current production status. With the portal module wNewsNet Web softproof an approval workflow has been implemented for departments and external customers


Automated plate production in Potsdam

Since early 2014 Pressedruck Potsdam GmbH is operating an automated wNewsNet workflow to control the plate production. The workflow integrates EAE Print press planning based on PRIME standards. Also part of the installation is the wNewsNet option PLATE-Logistics to exchange data with Nela PlateFlow solution to optimize the bending and sorting.


Jordan Press Foundation relies on German engineering

The Jordan Press Foundation (JPF) in Amman (Jordan) has equipped its new printing plant with the wNewsNet workflow. The system is operated as an automated workflow. Of particular importance for JPF was that they not only can produce standard newspaper products but also magazines, school books for example. The combination of the wobe-team wNewsNet workflow and the EAE Print system made ​​this possible. The close integration of wNewsNet and EAE Print allows the automatic imposition of sheets and the production of plates for newspaper and magazines. Beside the plate production wNewsNet takes also care of the color optimization in PDFs. Since the workflow includes a quality ink saving and color conversion engine PDF-InkAdjust, JPF requires no third party solution for these tasks. The objective of creating an integrated workflow without isolated solution islands has been achieved.


FAZ has consolidated pre-press systems on editorial side

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has updated and centralized their editorial systems. Specifically it is a wNewsNet workflow that handles the automatic distribution of print data to the different FAZ print plants and controls the central RIP pool. Also the import of PRIME plan data from the ppi system is part of the new installation. In addition the FAZ has introduced wNewsNet-Portal with all modules (planning, upload, softproof). So the wNewsNet-Portal module softproof for example is used for internal and external job approval. Also this new system is operated in a high availability VMware virtual environment. The installation is in production since July 2014.

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