About us

wobe-team GmbH, established in 1999, is the service and consulting company for newspaper customers. The wobe-team launches our solutions, consults customers and  trading partners.

wobe-systems GmbH, established in 2001, is our software development company. All wobe solutions and products are designed by wobe-systems GmbH

TML-Software.com is a project of wobe-systems GmbH offering software components for developing peer to peer communication.

werk42 GmbH is our operating company. It provides the wobe-team and wobe-systems GmbH with infrastructure and administrative services.

Management Team

Wolfgang Bär, contributes his project experience to the consulting, to find the best solution for our customers with respect to technical feasibility and future proofness.

Olliver Dissars, is all ears for the demands of our customers within his duties as sales manager and head of support.

Maik Wojcieszak, fullfills as head of development the needs of our customers.

(Photos from left to right)

Technology Partners