Kodak adds wobe-team's products and services to their portfolio for newspaper

Global reseller agreement delivers unique workflow solution to the newspaper market

Kodak has selected wobe-team's wNewsNet as a workflow compliment to Kodak’s industry-leading computer-to-plate newspaper publishing portfolio.

Kodak is committed to deliver their newspaper customers a one stop solution consisting of CTP products and workflow software. With wobe-team's products and services Kodak combines the benefits of its continuing CTP development with the power of a successful and matured prepress workflow.

“This worldwide agreement between Kodak and wobe-team GmbH underscores Kodak’s commitment to our newspaper customers,” says Nathanael Eijbersen, Global Current Marketing Manager, Newspaper Segment Offset Solutions, Kodak. ‘Combining Kodak's and wobe-team's expertise is a key answer to our clients request for the best solution to assure their success.'

We are excited about the Kodak and wobe-team agreement to deliver our technologies as a joint industry solution,’ says Wolfgang Baer, Managing Director, wobe-team GmbH. 'With the Kodak team knowing their clients' needs we appreciate being chosen as the right partner to fulfill them.'

About Kodak

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WAZ Mediagroup's printing site Essen uses automatic prepress workflow Print image

The WAZ Mediagroup took the prepress workflow Print image into production at its printing site in Essen.

The request made to the project partners EAE and wobe-team was, to furnish an integrated PDF / TIFF workflow with automated plate production functionality. The new system should be able to follow complex replanning processes on the presses, without causing a delay in plate output. Despite the demand for high-speed processing, mapping of complex production processes and ease of use, the system should require less hardware resources, than the previously used workflow solution.

Print Image meet this requirements perfectly. Even during production peeks with continuous page input, receival of new production plans, and evaluation of replanned productions Print Image is continually able to fully utilize the throughput of seven CTP units. The maximum plate output capacity of those CTPs devices is measured at 1000 broadsheet plates per hour at a resolution of 1270 dpi.

RIP and CTP output processes are carried out automatically with the option of manual override by plate room staff. Manual intervention is for instance used for activating plate output on print productions instead of letting Print image do this fully automatic according to the planned press start time. Print image receives production planning information from EAE Print utilizing the exchange formats specified in the PRIME specification. Due to this specific exposure information for each individual plate is available.

Print image is also able to gracefully handle a plate production requirement specific to WAZ Meadiagroup with respect to reuse of plates in case of moving productions between press folders. Standard handling includes reexposing the plates for the new folder, because press cylinders would be equipped with fresh set of plates. In contrast WAZ Mediagroup's policy is to reuses printing plates across different sections. Print Image provides configuration switches which cater to this need and suppress plate reexposure in this case.

The hardware used, consists of two servers connected to an external RAID storage. The system is set up as a cluster with automatic failover functionality. Due to its internal multi processing and multi threading architecture Print Image utilizes the hardware that well, that even one server would be sufficient to keep up with the processing speed of all CTPs available at this site.

Following the successful project at the Essen printing site, WAZ Mediagroup is now planning the update of the existing workflow solution at its printing site in Hagen.


Smart'n'Easy Net for Indian Express

The mediagroup Indian Express equips a first site with Smart'n'Easy Net workflow.

The Indian Express, one of the biggest media service providers in India, takes the Smart'n'Easy Net prepress solution into operation at its printing site Mumbai.

Smart'n'Easy Net is offered by the Krause-Biagosch GmbH as a complement to their CTPs for sites with a smaller plate production volume. So Indian Express can build on a proven prepress / CTP combination for its smaller sites at an attractive pricing. The order for a second site has already been placed.

Smart'n'Easy Net is developed by wobe-team GmbH as part of its wNewsNet family of workflow solutions.